Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lauren and Michael swim school

Lauren and her cousin Michael (who is 1 month older) have been going to swimming lessons every day last week.  Lessons began on Tuesday accompanied by Por-por.  But on Wednesday - Friday, the tots were on their own.  Below are pics and vids.

Video 510 - After the first day alone, here are Lauren and Michael's reactions to independent swimming class at a post-class interview over light snacks.

Video 511 - Here are the both of them enjoying private swimming lessons with teacher Garrett on the 4th day (3rd day without Por-por in the pool with them). Lauren loved it from day 1, and now Michael is really beginning to enjoy it, too!

Pics from Day 1.  Michael is not a happy camper.

Pics from day 3 swimming independently. What a difference a couple days make!

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