Saturday, August 3, 2013

More Canadian Summer photos and video

The kids love spending summers in Canada.  More videos and photos below.

Video 508 - Almost gone is Ashley's army crawl as she learns to crawl "properly" up on her knees.  Good job, baby girl!

Video 509 - Baby Ashley eating yogurt first time

This is how we roll: mini-van packed full of kids.

Ashley's temp sleeping crib.

At the library.

Dinner at the mall followed by yogen fruz for dessert.

Followed by a group hug!

Kids helping out.  They peel corn, wash produce before cooking and set the table.

While the big kids finish watching Monsters University, Lauren and I hung out outside.

No room around the breakfast table for adults. 

We biked all the way to Mac's convenient store.  Look how tired Victoria is.  So proud of them all!

All I want for Christmas... I got in July.

At the park.

Funny faces in shopping carts.

Ashley before earrings.

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