Monday, September 30, 2013

Lauren growing up

Our little Lauren is growing up fast!  Not only does she independently attend school all day, she can also put on her own shoes and school bag, she no longer needs a diaper for her afternoon nap, she takes soccer class (mostly) independently, and she has become a much more reasonable child (less tantrums, whew!)  I can safely take her to the public library without her screaming down the books.  Here are some photos and videos below.

Video 526 - Lauren is becoming more independent. Watch as she gets herself ready for school.

Video 527 - Lauren just started full-time Cantonese kindergarten this year.  She went in knowing almost no Cantonese but the teacher says she's been doing really well.  Here is Lauren chatting (with a jok sing accent) with Lisa Yee-yee.

Video 528 - Watch Lauren during a warm-up at soccer class.  She loves to run and participate in group activities with her classmates.

Video 529 - Also, watch her running backwards and having fun during class.

Lauren with her good friend at soccer class.

Lauren with big sister Natalie on the big bus to the library.

Here she is helping big girl Ava to look after the little kids. 

Ok, one small time-out at the IFC parking lot.

Are these fingers normal?  Can you make perfect circles with your fingers like this?

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