Monday, October 7, 2013

Recent happenings - sleepovers, cousins and more

Video 530 and Video 531 - Natalie will be participating in this year's English Speech Festival.  I'm excited for her because this is a great opportunity to develop her public speaking skills.  Here she is practicing beach time with her friend Olivia, and also by herself.

Video 532 and Video 533 - Poor Ashley had croup last week.  Watch and listen to videos of sad Ashley.

Video 534 - Ashley's got some new dance moves (not just shaking her head anymore).

Video 535 - While trying to take a video of Ashley dancing, listen to Lauren and Natalie arguing in the background.

Video 536 - Ashley can very clearly pronounce "Bye!" and also likes to try to sing along when I sing her lullaby.

Playing with cousins never gets old.

Three sisters.

View from my balcony.

Natalie has a busy Tuesday!  All day school, followed by phototherapy, followed by tutoring = dinner on the road.

Whenever Ashley gets a furry doll, her thumb pops into her mouth like this.

Scarlett selfie.

Look who can stand by herself!

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