Saturday, November 9, 2013

Photo round-up!

Sometimes photos that are unrelated to an event or one-off never seem to make it to this blog on time.  Below are a round-up of these one-off pics taken from the past few weeks. 

Also, see video 552 of Lauren completing her homework. She is beginning to get more homework from school.  Most of it consists of reading e-books online and then drawing her favorite thing from the book, or coloring.

Love my girls.

Ashley playing hide-and-seek by herself.

Facetime with Lauren and Natalie while in Paris.

Facetime with chicken-poxed, boogery Lauren.

The girls enjoying McD's treat after soccer.

Lauren chicken pox marks. They're fading fast.

Ashley likes to sleep with her feet hanging out.

Ashley can kiss.

Ashley wearing shoes.

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