Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lauren in Taiwan with Mommy and Tong Family

Last week, Lauren and I were in Taipei with Porpor, Gongong, Carol and her family, and Lisa and her family. Lauren had a great time playing with her cousins.

Video 556 - Lauren making funny face for Porpor at hot pot.

I'm so excited. My Elmo bag is packed. Taiwan here I come!

Choosing can be so hard...

Lauren doesn't like this boy.

Do-gooders start young.

Lauren still likes to lick things. I'm afraid to ask.

Riding the MRT.

Lauren pointing to a frog at Taipei Zoo. Love the zoo here!

A walking iguana captures the kids attention.

Brave climbers at the park.

Motorcycle!  (Okay, technically a scooter, but the kids think it's a motorcycle.)

Love the expressions!

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