Wednesday, December 18, 2013

All About Lauren

Lauren has grown so much over the recent months. She seems to understand more, follow instructions better, and can independently accomplish more on her own. So proud of her.

Video 560 - Lauren at soccer. She "gets" most of the warm up exercises at soccer tots. She runs when asked, can freeze when the coach blows the whistle, and walks backwards.  She loves to wave at me whenever she runs past :)

Video 561 - Watch Lauren as she performs during her school's Christmas show today.  She had such a great time during rehearsal, practicing at home, and finally performing on stage.

Lauren kissing baby sister Ashley.

Finding her own shoes for school in the morning.

Smiling and looking at the camera when asked.

Excitedly standing and singing by herself at her school's Christmas event.

Remembers the name of her teachers and most classmates.

Deciding she didn't want to hug Scarlett (and Scarlett felt the same sentiment).

Braver than mommy when it comes to reptiles.

And prickly hedgehogs.

Insisting on sitting by herself on the minibus.

Singing and performing with her class at the recent Christmas performance.

Love you, Lauren!

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