Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ramping up to Christmas

Video 562 - Every night we have a Christmas disco to celebrate the holidays.  Here's the start of the tradition.  The girls LOVE to dance now and we do it every night -- usually with the lights turned off and Christmas tree lights on "flash" mode.

Lauren loves her Christmas dress.

Hong Kong post - thank you for taking the time to open Natalie's and Lauren's letters to Santa and then sending back hand-written, personalized Christmas cards to them. The girls are thrilled!

Thanks to Ba-ba for ordering the Christmas tree and working with the girls to decorate. They LOVE it. And now, most importantly, the girls are reassured that Santa will know where to leave their presents.

Lauren at her school's Christmas show.

Pancake breakfast. Love family time.

Thanks to Winnie and family for hosting gingerbread house decorating yesterday. The girls loved turning the barren ginger village into a candy-full masterpiece.

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