Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Before CNY and Carol Arrives!

Just a bit of catch-up over the past few weeks.  Also, so happy that Carol, Nicholas and Michael have arrived to stay for CNY!

Ballet class for Natalie = fail.

Natalie taking care of Lauren on our way to soccer.

Ashley loves to do this now.  Upside-down!

Natalie said: "Look mommy, they made a big car out of a toy!" (Kid perspective.)

Natalie playing with Ashley.

Lauren and her new friend SJ with a giant chocolate-covered strawberry.

Scarlett and Ashley.  Welcome back Dangs!

Reading sisters.

Carol, Nicholas and Michael take Ashley to the park.

5 cousin dinner time.

Ashley influenza A meds. 

Carol and her boys.  We love you!

Child vacuum cleaners cleaning hoovering up shredded cheese. 

Kids' lunch at Lisa yee-yee.  Vicky is out with her ba-ba.

Ashley is scared of the uneven floor.

Coloring time!  Even Ashley needs to participate now.

Kids at the park.

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