Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Ashley

With Natalie and Lauren at school full day, I get to hang out with Ashley more, which is probably why I have so many videos of her!  Also, she's at a very cute stage and learning a lot every day.  She won't be a baby much longer...

Video 571 - Love Ashley's little cute giggles. Here she is giggling with Lisa yee-yee.

Video 572 - Ashley really likes dragonfruit. Here she is feeding herself some fruit with a fork.

Video 573 - While big sister Natalie "dee jays", baby Ashley dances most of the morning away (3 minute clip).

Video 574 - The kids play so well together at the park. They are excited to greet Ashley when she arrives.

Video 575 - When Ashley was smaller, when we sang the "ding ding ding" song to her, she would dance by shaking her head. We thought she had forgotten, but Carol yee-yee managed to convince her to give it another go.

Also, below are photos of her usual daily activities (play dates, eating, etc...) and some of the funny expressions she likes to use.

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