Friday, March 28, 2014

March Catch-up - Fam and Friends and KCS Sports day

Video 581 - KCS organized sports day for the primary students and it was actually a pretty well-organized and fun morning for the kids and parents.  It's so cute to see how excited the kids are to all be racing in a the full-class relay races.

Video 582 - We have had this toy slide in our house for a while now and so glad we kept it because Ashley is getting lots of use out of it.  She loves to climb up and slide down by herself.

Lauren with her friend at "Chopin Piano Shorts" art festival event with mommy.

Best way to keep 3 girls occupied on a Sunday?  Take them to Toys R' Us.

Natalie's first time (but hopefully not the last!) on a University campus.

Love the three purple sisters!

Lauren loves school.

And she loves it when Mommy picks her up from the school bus after school.

Ashley's first venture out during her big sisters' soccer lessons.

Yup, she loved it.

Unintentional mohawk.

Ashley crying for me when I left to get the car to pick her up.

Ashley's first close encounter with bubbles thanks to big cousin Vanessa.  She loved it.

Someone was feeling a little sleepy after lunch with Lisa yee-yee.

Lauren and her friend playing with sand while waiting for soccer class.

This explains why Lauren's plant died so suddenly and couldn't be revived.

Natalie scootering between the trees.

Natalie's soccer mates.

The pilgrim sisters (they did this on their own).

Crazy morning hair for Natalie.

"Mom, I'm not crazy!"

Lunch with the little miss. G.

Natalie's Indian mask art.

I took Natalie to her sports day event.  It was fun!

Natalie with her bestie and bestie's dad.

The girls cheering on the first races.  (Can you find them?)

Natalie participated in two events.  The whole-class relay, and a relay with mommy.

This is us before the race.  We got third place in our heat!

Lollipop train.

The girls had a great time.

Whole class relay!

Ashley woke up to Shoko yee-yee.

Um, who gave Ashley oreo cookies?

Ashley can't read, but she can copy her big sister.

Ashley warmed up to Shoko fast.
Breakfast is served!

Time-out sisters.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Video Catch-up: Ashley's antics, Natalie's soccer tournament and Frozen acapella

Video 576 - Ashley is very cheerful and loves to explore and is independent.  Here she is playing peek-a-boo almost independently and drinking her own milk. She does almost fall and gets a bit upset but gets over it quickly.

Video 577 - I love how Ashley reacts when she finally encounters bubbles up-close, thanks to her cousin Vanessa.  She exclaims "Wow!"

Video 578 - Love how enthusiastically and vigorously Ashley shakes her head when dancing. She dances in a similar way when standing, too.

Video 579 - Clark took Natalie this past Sunday and sounds like the girls had a great time and a great experience!

Video 580 - The girls are singing at the top of their lungs.  It's amazing they know the words without any music!  Also, it's funny how Lauren is "over it" when the car stops and tells everyone "it's too noisy".

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Catch-up - Bread, Sleepovers, Art, and more!

Over the past month, I've been making at least one bread every day.  Last month, the girls actively helped me to make this delicious lemon pound cake.

Natalie added chocolate syrup to her piece.


Lauren has been wearing these shoes to "sports day" at school ever since Por-por bought them for her baptism in Toronto 2 summers ago.  These shoes went the distance!

Lauren enjoying soccer with her little team mates. 


... and silliness!

World's smallest couch potato.

Ice cream treat.

More masterpieces from Lauren.  She's also going through this period of putting scratches in her own face so we've put band-aids on to help deter more scratching so they can heal.

Natalie loves Ba-ba's kindle.  Time for her own...?

Natalie helping Lauren with her online reading homework while Ashley complains on the side. This reminds me of Carol yee-yee trying to squeeze between me and Lisa when we were younger and playing the piano.

Natalie's first non-family sleep-over.  She had a lot of fun and wants to do it again.

Cafe Deco with Ba-ba.

Afternoon play with Serena yee-yee and uncle Brandon and cinnamon buns (from the bread machine).

Ashley's tantrums are beginning.

The "world is ending" pose.

More art from Lauren.