Sunday, March 9, 2014

Catch-up - Bread, Sleepovers, Art, and more!

Over the past month, I've been making at least one bread every day.  Last month, the girls actively helped me to make this delicious lemon pound cake.

Natalie added chocolate syrup to her piece.


Lauren has been wearing these shoes to "sports day" at school ever since Por-por bought them for her baptism in Toronto 2 summers ago.  These shoes went the distance!

Lauren enjoying soccer with her little team mates. 


... and silliness!

World's smallest couch potato.

Ice cream treat.

More masterpieces from Lauren.  She's also going through this period of putting scratches in her own face so we've put band-aids on to help deter more scratching so they can heal.

Natalie loves Ba-ba's kindle.  Time for her own...?

Natalie helping Lauren with her online reading homework while Ashley complains on the side. This reminds me of Carol yee-yee trying to squeeze between me and Lisa when we were younger and playing the piano.

Natalie's first non-family sleep-over.  She had a lot of fun and wants to do it again.

Cafe Deco with Ba-ba.

Afternoon play with Serena yee-yee and uncle Brandon and cinnamon buns (from the bread machine).

Ashley's tantrums are beginning.

The "world is ending" pose.

More art from Lauren.


  1. your 3 girls are so sweet! Summer would have loved the sleep over too!

  2. We miss you and the girls, Lily! Come back to HK please :)