Friday, May 9, 2014

Video catch-up: Fun with curtains, books, bacon and Parkview

I love re-watching old videos of the girls when they're younger and so have been trying to take more videos and capture them at this age.  Below are a catch-up to videos over the past couple weeks.

Video 586 - Who doesn't love bacon?  Babies are no exception and Ashley demanded more bacon after the first bite.  Natalie was a very nice big sister to help.

Video 587 - I'm so happy that Lauren loves to read books. Here she is trying to explain what the "Are you my mother?" book is about.

Video 588 - Even just the trip to the park (a short walk down from the apartment) is good quality time with my two littlest girls.  Watch Lauren and Ashley run.

Video 589 - It's hilarious to watch Ashley "jump" off the bench.  She has to psych herself up for the jump.

Video 590 - Three sisters and their friends go down the big slide at parkview.

Video 591 - Baby Ashley is super comfortable playing by herself in the ball pit parkview. She also loves to dive in head first and emerge with a huge goofy grin.

Video 592 - Watch as Lauren and Ashley play together in the curtains at home.

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