Saturday, September 13, 2014

Back to Life; Back to Reality -- Hong Kong!

There's been jet-lag, school starting, and me starting work -- this post is a mega catch-up from the past few weeks since returning to HK.  We've done a lot including lantern-making, Ocean Park, pretty orange dresses (thanks Li Meng and Mae!), visiting friends, American club, school uniforms, sunglasses, cookies, at the park and more.

Video 632 -  Ashley dancing while Natalie reads (Canada)

Video 633 - Ashley getting worked up over people talking about her.  She even smacks the table. (Canada)

Video 634 - Ashley being playful at home.  She tries to avoid the camera, pulls my arm and peeks under my dress. (Back in Hong Kong.)

Video 635 - Ashley jumping.  She gets air!

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