Friday, October 31, 2014

Weekend Fun

Had a great time with the girls last weekend. Was really nice to just hang out.  Scarlett paid us a visit and Natalie was super brave having her first (of many) cavities repaired. 

McDonald's for breakfast

Small, medium, big!

At the dentist

Hi Scarlett!

Fun at the park

Friday, October 24, 2014

Time with Porpor and Carol Yee-yee, Nicholas and Michael

Porpor returned to Toronto today.  It was so great to have more family in town visiting, including the 4-day visit with Carol Yee-yee, Nicholas and Michael.  Here is a wrap-up of videos and photos from their time here.  We love you and hope we can all be together again soon!

Video 646 - Ashley and Michael exchange upside-down kisses.

Video 647 - Lauren, Ashley, Nicholas and Michael enjoy a 4-way seesaw.

Video 648 - Carol Yee-yee gets the salon treatment at home from the kids.

Video 649 - Lauren and Ashley fighting.  For now, Ashley is the initiator, and her blankie is her comfort.

Video 650 - Ashley and Scarlett playing the piano together.

Video 651 - Kids demanding food.

Video 652 - Natalie, Vanessa and Victoria singing "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Video 653 - Natalie, Vanessa and Victoria singing "Let it go"

Video 654 - Ashley helping to mop the floor.

Video 655 - Lauren helping to mop the floor and making Ashley giggle.

Video 656 - Ashley crying, selecting her favourite blankie and stopping crying to eat.

Video 657 - Three sisters playing at the park.

Ashley looking contrite while being scolded by Porpor.

Kids gow-gow-jun at Fortress.

Big-boy cousins taking care of Ashley.

Por-por's yummy homemade bread.

Birthday brunch for Porpor.

Morning hang-out with Porpor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday to Ashley

Hard to believe Ashley's already two years old.  We officially no longer have a baby in the family.  Happy birthday, Ashley!

Video 645 - Singing the birthday song to Ashley.  She loves blowing out candles.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Camp Tong - Park, Parkview and more

It's been great to have Por-por and Carol yee-yee here in Hong Kong.  Today was like "Camp Tong" for the 7 cousins, with a visit to the park in the morning, followed by swimming at Parkview, then a quick trip to the Parkview play area, then dim sum at their own "kid's table", then Lisa's for home-cooked dinner of shake n' bake chicken, greek salad and apple crumble.  

Video 644 - Natalie swimming to Porpor without aids at Parkview's indoor pool.