Friday, October 3, 2014

Sisters out and about

Over the past few weeks, the sisters have been back to school but enjoy being out and about on weekends and holidays.  This includes mall rides, winning prizes at the games at the mall, looking at turtles, swimming at Parkview, a visit to HKU, noodles, tantrums and friends.

Video 637 - Lauren and Ashley slurping noodles at dim sum.

Video 638 - Ashley saying "lipgloss" but not quite.  This is an oldie but goodie from Carol from the summer.

Video 639 - Ashley walking up the stairs by herself.

Video 640 - Lauren singing on the minibus and fixing her hair.

Video 641 - Ashley reading out loud to herself while Natalie and Lauren Google search on topics that interest them.

Video 642 - More of sisters hanging out (same as above).

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