Friday, October 24, 2014

Time with Porpor and Carol Yee-yee, Nicholas and Michael

Porpor returned to Toronto today.  It was so great to have more family in town visiting, including the 4-day visit with Carol Yee-yee, Nicholas and Michael.  Here is a wrap-up of videos and photos from their time here.  We love you and hope we can all be together again soon!

Video 646 - Ashley and Michael exchange upside-down kisses.

Video 647 - Lauren, Ashley, Nicholas and Michael enjoy a 4-way seesaw.

Video 648 - Carol Yee-yee gets the salon treatment at home from the kids.

Video 649 - Lauren and Ashley fighting.  For now, Ashley is the initiator, and her blankie is her comfort.

Video 650 - Ashley and Scarlett playing the piano together.

Video 651 - Kids demanding food.

Video 652 - Natalie, Vanessa and Victoria singing "Do you want to build a snowman?"

Video 653 - Natalie, Vanessa and Victoria singing "Let it go"

Video 654 - Ashley helping to mop the floor.

Video 655 - Lauren helping to mop the floor and making Ashley giggle.

Video 656 - Ashley crying, selecting her favourite blankie and stopping crying to eat.

Video 657 - Three sisters playing at the park.

Ashley looking contrite while being scolded by Porpor.

Kids gow-gow-jun at Fortress.

Big-boy cousins taking care of Ashley.

Por-por's yummy homemade bread.

Birthday brunch for Porpor.

Morning hang-out with Porpor.

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