Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hanging around, blankies, boogers and homework

Below are recent photos and videos of the girls out and about and just hanging around. I love these because they capture our regular, daily life and will help to preserve the memory of our life and of them at this age.

Also, I have a lot of videos of Ashley because sometimes she's the only one who lets me (or doesn't realize when I) take videos. She's quickly catching on (sometimes she'll say "no picture") so I'm filming as much as I can while I can.

Video 662 - Ashley popping bubble wrap with her feet.  Bubble wrap is the cheapest toy ever.

Video 663 - Ashley and Lauren jumping backwards off my headboard.

Video 664 - Ashley times herself out in the hall.

Video 665 - Ashley complaining.  She shakes her legs and has a little whiny voice now.

Video 667 - Ashley eating an apple and copying Natalie.

Video 668 - Lauren and Ashley eating whole apples.

Not sure where Lauren learned to pose. 

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