Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another catch-up from January:

There always seem to be bits and bobs of photos and videos that don't get added to the blog at the end of each month.  Here's another catch-up of videos and photos from January 2015.

Video 684 - Ashley and Lauren playing with the curtain in mommy's room.

Video 685 - Ashley can count to 10.

Video 686 - Lauren can count.

Video 687 - Natalie knows her multiplication tables at 7 years old.

Video 688 - Lisa Yee-yee pushes 5 girls along (in a stroller and wearing Heely's) on our walk to the mall.

Video 689 - It's so funny that whenever Ashley runs, her hands go up in the air for balance.

Video 690 - The girls together on a typical Saturday morning.  Natalie has concocted an elaborate throwing game for Lauren to participate in and Ashley is throwing a mini tantrum (everybody ignores her).

Video 691 - Lauren loves riding the scary rides at the Carnival

Video 692 - Natalie was selected to be one of the magician's assistants at a magic show in Chifu mall.

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