Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hanging with Mommy

While Ba-ba takes a well-deserved ski holiday over the CNY to Tahoe with friends, the girls and Mommy hang out.

Video 695 - Natalie and Lauren practice heelying at IFC before sushi dinner while Ashley runs around.

Video 696 - Before hitting the slopes, Ba-ba took the girls to a CNY event at the Asia Society. Lauren loves to participate.  Here she is doing the lion dance at a CNY event, and Video 697 of her playing the drums, too.

Ashley won an award for good behaviour at school. 

Natalie lost a second front tooth.  She occasionally looks like a vampire when she smiles now.

Our kind neighbour helped Natalie with her homework while Lauren and Ashley studied the bird on her balcony.

The girls loved eating Nian Gao (sticky rice cake).

Meals out together at Outback and sushi at IFC.

Uncle Don popped in for a short visit during a trip to Hong Kong from Vietnam.  He helped tire the girls out and tuck them in for the night with a bedtime story (The Giving Tree).

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