Saturday, February 28, 2015

Life back to normal

Since the CNY holidays, life has returned to normal with full-day school (including exams for Natalie), soccer and BBQ weekends, and general hanging around.

Video 706 - Ashley, two years old, using trainer chopsticks like a boss.

Video 707 - Natalie and Ashley bumping bellies.  I did not in any way suggest or encourage them to do this.  They did it all on their own.

Video 708 - Lauren, Natalie and Ashley on the slides at Parkview.

Video 709 - Ashley playing by herself at Parkview.  She's independent and adventurous, jumping with abandon in to the ball pit and tossing out balls.

Video 710 - Lauren, Natalie and I played catch with Ashley in her stroller at Pacific Place.

Video 711 - Ashley being loud and cheeky at Crystal Jade.

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