Saturday, March 14, 2015

Wisely Kindergarten Field Trip

Lauren and Ashley attended their school field trips yesterday.  Ashley had half a day at Kam Tim park with her mommy in Yuen Long, while Lauren enjoyed the park and then had lunch and picked strawberries and radishes at another park with Ba-ba.

Video 712 - Ashley singing on the bus.

Video 713 - Ashley having a lot of fun in the bouncy castle.

Video 714 - Mommy and Ashley on the bumper car.

Video 715 - Lauren on the bumper car by herself.

Video 716 - Lauren enjoying her new-found food -- duck!

Video 717 - Lauren successfully harvesting an organic white radish from the ground.  We later turned it into radish cake (Chinese style)

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  1. I visited my son's school in session. I popped there unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Every parent should do this. The Phoenix kindergarten had some structured learning but also a lot of playing which I think is the best way for children to learn.