Sunday, July 12, 2015

A bit of catch-up

As usual, many videos and photos were left behind over the past month.  Here's a catch-up of memories both at Pokfulam Gardens and our new home.

Video 756 - Ashley imitated the way a toy sheep walks and I die -- it's so funny.

Video 757 - Lauren is such a happy kid.  See her dancing and thoroughly enjoying herself while eating.  (She didn't know I was filming her.)

Video 758 - Since starting Cantonese school this year, Ashley's Cantonese has developed in leaps and bounds.  Here she is speaking Canto with me on my bed in the morning.  If you have a weak stomach, don't look because she was sick and coughed up some phlegm.

Video 759 - Lauren demonstrates how to brush her hair and claims it's because "she's good" and Ashley immediately pipes in with "I'm not good!"

Video 760 - The girls thanks Carol yee-yee for headbands

Ashley's blue blankie love remains strong.

Natalie took this photo with the Fuji x100T - thanks Nat!

Two sick kids.

Throughout June, we went to Zumba every Saturday followed by a pool-side lunch at Parkview.  Yup, living the dream life, especially for the kids :)

Mommy accidentally closed the door on Ashley's fingers.  Ashley cried and I almost cried but her fingers are fine (just a bit of skin came off and swollen for a bit).  Sorry, baby.
 Mommy picked Ashley up from school when she had a small fever.

The girls love to swim!  Here they are swimming with Baba.

Girl selfie!

Here are some family pics from Natalie's 8th birthday at the family dinner at Pizza Express.

Mommy bought a new train set.

Ashley loves to be helpful.  Here she is struggling to setup my BBG mat by herself.

Natalie, Lauren and I played game of life and really had fun.  

The girls both chose to marry girls because they don't like boys.

Somebody's uncouth children are eating dumplings with their hands at the food court.

I love love love chatting with Natalie.

Mia's minecraft party had an amazing homemade cake.

Natalie's innovation while playing with lego is cool to discover.

Natalie receiving hugs and kisses from her little sisters before school. Ashley is kissing her arm (because she can't reach anywhere else). Lauren is employing full-body hug.

Cool kids. 

Girl-time over strawberries.

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