Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Oh Canada!

The girls are all officially on summer holidays (as of July 17) and this weekend, we flew to Toronto, Canada where they will enjoy the rest of their summer with family (grandparents and cousins) and attending summer camps, which start next week. 

The girls say bye to Ba-ba Clark who they will see next month when he goes to Canada to bring them back to Hong Kong for the start of the regular school year.

They each have their own backpacks and neck pillows (kid-sized, of course).

 As usual, we arrive a bit early to the airport and had extra time to do crafts (provided free by the airport) by gate 25.

The girls were excited to be traveling on the airplane again, and to be heading for Canada.
 They were also surprisingly well-behaved and slept after dinner was served (around 8:30 pm) through to 4:00 am/pm, with only 4 hours before landing.

Lauren, who is learning her letters, used a mirror to copy her t-shirt to write I (heart) Canada, and signed her name.

The girls up extra early due to jet lag and enjoying Por-por and Gong-gong's backyard.

Por-por got busy handing out clothes and toys to the girls. Of course they love being spoiled by grandparents!

Family dinner at Mr. Congee.  The portion sizes are unbelievable.

Family BBQ -- nice to catch up with old family friends.

Cousins reunited, and playing dress-up.

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