Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wang Family Fun

The kids are reunited with Ba-ba and sounds like they are having a lot of fun hanging out with Nai-nai, Yeh-yeh, Su-su and their cousins.  Below are some videos and photos.

Video 785 - Natalie jumping into the pool in slow-motion.

Video 786 - Lauren jumping into the pool in slow-motion with cousin and Grandpa.

Video 787 - Ashley and Abby are "frenemies" -- good friends who fight once in a while. "Don't touch my bike".

Video 788 - The girls dancing with skinny Chuck E at an empty branch.

The girls are back this Thursday and I can't wait to see them!  I miss them very much. Thanks to Ba-ba for sending photos and videos over.  Face-time is great, too!  It's awesome to see how much fun everyone is having this summer with family, especially their little cousins :) #Canadiansummerlove

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