Friday, September 11, 2015

Hanging Around - MTR rides, Enopi, dogs, blue blanket, splits, shopping and more

It's nice to capture the "regular" moments of life with the girls.  Here are some.

Video 791 - The girls just doing their regular thing at home. I like capturing these normal moments.

Riding on the MTR.  The girls prefer to stand and enjoyed the risk of falling with each stop and go.

Lauren enjoying Enopi (now called Eye Level).

Since taking up gymnastics, the girls enjoy practicing at home.  Lauren is naturally very flexible.

Cuddle time!

All the girls love dogs.  Will probably need to get one once the girls are big enough to help take care of the dog.

Ashley still loves her blue blanket.  We've cut it into two pieces so we can wash them.

The girls were a bit crazy while shopping for new school shoes at the Dr. Kong in Chifu.

Look what Ba-ba creatively made with a cardboard box and some string.  They girls loved it.

Cheeky Ashley.

iPad fun.

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