Saturday, November 28, 2015

Just hanging around - Ocean Park, YWCA, Sophie's birthday, Ava's birthday, injections and more

Photos and video of us just hanging around. Descriptions included below.

Video 819 - Ashley rehearsing for her school Christmas show.

Video 820 - Lauren rehearsing for her school Christmas show. She hums when she doesn't remember the words :)

Video 821 - Ashley enjoys reading with Baba.

Video 822 - Ashley pretending to be a turtle and getting stuck inside a box. 

Ashley and Scarlett doing gymnastics while waiting for classes at the YWCA.

Lauren coloring.

Lauren loves mommy's bed.

Tuti gently does Ashley's hair.  Of course Ashley has her blue blanket.

Ashley hurt her upper lip again.

Natalie doing homework in mommy's room to keep me company.

Lauren and Ashley munching on bread with butter at YWCA.

Lauren the turtle.

What happens when Ashley misses a goal at soccer class.

Morning cuddles again :)

Natalie helping Lauren with her homework.  We spend a lot of time at the YWCA Garden Restaurant while waiting for classes every Saturday :)

Ocean park with Baba over Halloween -- poor Lauren!

Enjoying our neighborhood.

Before injections.

Lauren didn't cry after her injections, except she did a loud yell with the second injection.

The girls FaceTime with me while I'm in Danang.

Sophie's 6th birthday party -- can't believe she's already six :)

The girls wrote a tiny little note for me while I was away in Danang.  It says "To: Mommy" on the outside and "I missed you." on the inside.

Ava's 5th birthday party.

After Natalie's exams, we celebrated with a mommy-daughter sushi lunch.

Natalie and Lauren at Chinese calligraphy class.

Ashley had a lot of phlegm (I know, sorry, gross) but she was really good at spitting it into the toilet or garbage.

Starbucks break.  Lauren and Ashley really love the orange juice there, while Natalie enjoys the chocolate chip muffin.

Natalie's "see" food.

Where's Lauren?

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ashley's face plant

Poor Ashley fell down and scraped her cheek on the sidewalk.  She's fine now and in good spirits as it heals.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hiking to the Peak and Cafe Deco

On Sunday, the girls and I, along with LoLo Suk-suk and Laure Jeh-jeh hiked up the peak together.  We started before 10:00 am and made it to the top in time for lunch.  It was fun!  Hope we can continue to hike more now that the weather's cooler.

 We celebrated our successful ascent with lunch at Cafe Deco.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Lauren's Chinese Speech Festival

Lauren participated in the Chinese Speech Festival and, despite only 4 days to practice, she nailed it.  So proud of her.

Video 817 - Here she is practicing at home.

Lauren is ready to go!

I'm more nervous than she is.

Smiling face and waving from afar.

Post speech treat and mommy-daughter time. We usually hang out as a group so one-on-one time is precious.

Lauren is tired after a long day. 

The poem.

Only one student out of 60 received an A -- tough judges!  Proud of Lauren.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shrinky Dinks

The girls enjoyed and were fascinated by the Shrinky Dinks activity -- thanks to Wisely's K3 field trip to another school.

Video 816 - The girls watching the shrinky dinks shrinking.