Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Little Performers

Lauren and Ashley love to perform. Sometimes they get shy, but usually they are happy to show us what they've learned. This is why Lauren volunteers to participate in the various speech festivals, and I have a feeling Ashley may do the same when she's a bit older. Natalie takes a bit more encouragement, but when she's willing, it's great to capture her progress, too.

Video 825 - Ashley singing a Chinese song she learned from school.

Video 826 - Lauren loudly (very loudly) singing a Chinese song.  She's not shy at all, and I hope she never changes.

Video 827 - Ashley performing on stage at her Christmas School play with her K1 class.  Love how she marches on stage with authority.

Video 828 - Natalie reading a Chinese passage from her school book.  It's official... her Chinese is way better than mine now.

Video 829 - The girls explain their favorite subjects at school.

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