Monday, January 11, 2016

Walk for Millions

So proud of the girls for "walking" almost 10 km for the annual Community Chest of Hong Kong's Walk for Millions event.  We had the double stroller but the girls did a great job walking most of the way themselves.  And even though they may have complained (a little) that their legs were tired, that didn't stop them from playing at the parks we passed.  And then we walked almost all the way home -- well done, little ladies! 

Video 840 - Now that they're older, I love waking up to the girls quietly playing together (without waking me up!)  This is the morning of the hike.

Video 841 - We took a few minutes at the end of the walk to try walking on the "healthy" rocks. Lauren couldn't bear it and yelled "Ouch!" a few times, but Ashley and Scarlett had no problems at all.

Video 842 - While munching on grapes during the hike, whoever sat in the stroller didn't have easy access to yummy grapes so the girls created a "grape delivery service".

Video 843 - After a long 10 km hike earlier in the day, the girls and I treated ourselves to a full episode of Junior Masterchef.  Ashley wasn't interested to merely sit and watch.

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