Saturday, March 19, 2016

March before Easter break

The most notable thing about March is that we've been so busy we haven't really had a chance to update this blog.  So below are some highlights, including: Lauren is really learning to read now thanks to the help from her tutor Jasmine and Enopi (Eye Level); Ashley is still attached to her blue blanket and her plant from school is growing really well; Natalie has been mostly coughing and with fever (missed 3 weeks of school); and we've spent a lot of time with friends including SJ and MK, and Scarlett and Altheya.  

Video 846 - MSQRD with Lauren

Video 847 - MSQRD with Ashley

Video 848 - Face swap with Natalie and Olivia

Video 849 - Face swap with Lauren and Ashley

Video 850 - Natalie humming and singing to herself while doing homework

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