Friday, July 1, 2016

Out and About in June

As the girls grow up and become more independent and helpful, it's a lot easier and more fun taking them out and about. They're super fun to hang out with and also can be my little helpers wherever we go.  Below is a collection of photos and videos from June.  

Video 873 - Natalie introduction to rope jumping

Video 874 - Girls' wedding at Debbie yee-yee's.  We left them alone to play and they planned a wedding.  Later, Deb and I were the invited guests and we provided ad hoc music and videography.

Video 875 | Video 876 - Ashley and Lauren's squeezy face talk

Video 877 | Video 878 - Ashley singing in Chinese, the bird fell in the water song and also singing before bedtime. She loves to sing :)

Video 879 - Lauren mimicks her cousin Michael.

A funny secret between sisters.

Visiting mommy.

Lauren is reading more and more and can manage Elephant and Piggy books all by herself now.

The girls convene at the top of the escalators.

Wait for me!

My little helpers.

When the kids are old enough to really have their own "kids" table -- awesome.

Funny faces.

Ashley can finally wear a side French braid. She's so happy with her long hair.

The girls love dogs.

So much fun at the Simmons BBQ -- thanks Simmons!

Lunch at Cityplaza -- the kids LOVE the roast pork and ate TWO dishes.

The kids are so happy to play with our new Kaisr (inflatable sofa).
 Ashley got a picture from her friend that reads "I love you".

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