Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer in Toronto!

Every summer we have such a great time "home" in Canada for 6 to 7 weeks, attending summer camps, riding bikes, visiting the library, swimming, making dumplings, catching bugs in the yard and much much more.  Below is a snap shot of the first half of summer.  I'm now back in Hong Kong and missing the kids, but glad to have FaceTime. 3 weeks to go!

Video 883 - Lauren singing while Vicky plays piano

Video 884 - Mommy plays Edelweiss on piano while kids sing

Video 885 - Natalie learned to ride a two-wheeler this summer -- so proud of her!

Video 886 - Kids march through the kitchen in dress-up

Video 887 - Lauren asked for a skateboard and has been diligently practicing -- she has amazing determination, patience and willingness to learn new things

Video 888 - Kids LOVE putting on fashion shows for the adults -- here is a compilation of their best outfits

Video 889 - Ashley being a cutie pie

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